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Small Business Websites

Typical small business websites should be clear and simple. There is no need to create an image of a bigger-then-you-really-are company.

Web page "about" should provide information on the company location, major products and services.

Small business website should be updated every three months to reflect changes in the products or services.

It is important for a small business website to be well positioned on major search engines on important key phrases.

That will not only to support company's business reputation and promote its brand, but will also market the business on the Internet.

From our experience Internet marketing can deliver up to 80% of new clients to small business. This opportunity has been recognized and utilized by many local businesses. However very often Internet marketing is not done professionally and does not employ its full potential.

For example many of the small business websites do not have well written content.

We will recommend and help you create relevant to your business and valuable to your prospects content: text, online forms, photos, videos etc.

Usually small business websites do not need extensive graphics. It helps however to use appropriate photos, images and diagrams to explain visually the details of their products and services.

One of the modern Internet marketing trends is using videos on the website.

Examples of Small Business Websites

The example of a small business website we developed is:
Bodytalk Accident Repair Centre - a small panel beating business in Dandenong.

Another example of a small business website is:
Mindacom - a commercial and industrial real estate agency in Braeside.

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