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The Internet and Website Tips

The Internet is the most cost-effective way to test new business model, new product, new idea. That is why it is so tempting to register new domain and set a website. However web experiments need to be backed up by certain commitment, skills and budget.

We all love our web sites, but business web sites should be able to pay for themselves.

A good business web site "beats" Yellow Pages because it does not promote your competitors!

Google relates to your web site the same way a petrol pump relates to your car.

Established and well maintained website increases its value with age - similar to well cellared wine.

Unlike a booklet - website can update its look, have the typos fixed and marketing concept - changed - any time - after the publishing.

Left to their own devices websites tend to vanish in Cyberspace..

Anyone can create a website! If you are able to juggle costs, technical features, successful promotion and on-time maintenance - Do It Yourself!

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