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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having a website absolutely does not guarantee that your prospects will find you. First of all someone needs to inform search engines that your web site exists. After that search engines will be able to extract the text from your website, analyse it and give it some score.

Depending on the score your website will appear in search results "higher" or "lower" than your competitors.

Search engine optimisation is the process of preparation your website for Google with the aim to rank high on specific relevant keywords.

The algorithms of search engines are commercial secrets. For example Google claims that is uses over 1000 factors in its analysis of a web page.

Content and Links

How can Google understand what your page is about? The answer is - content! Good web page should be written about a subject. Such pages have great value for visitors because they are specific. What is good for the visitor - is good for Google.

Another factor in search engine optimisation is reputation of the website. Google evaluates the website reputation by number and quality of the incoming links (links from other websites).

To achieve good ranking we create and adjust the content of the websites. We also build incoming links.

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